Grip Strength Crucial As We Age

Fact: Improving your hand grip strength is a great way to increase longevity and maximize your independence as you age!

Experienced Entrepreneurs Do Better

This new study shows that a 55 year old is THIRTEEN TIMES as likely to found a successful startup as a 23 year old!

Proving yet again that experience and wisdom are quite valuable, even in the youth-worshipping lanes of Silicon Valley.

Developer-Assisted Cohousing

We respect Chuck and everything he’s done for the cohousing movement, but his way is not the only way. We at Phoenix Commons are a cohousing community with 34 members (and growing!) that was developer assisted — we like this term better than “cohousing lite.”

The assistance was beneficial and saved years of planning in the context of the challenging real estate environment of the San Francisco Bay Area. Long before we broke ground, community members were working to form the community and all that that process entails, including many interior design elements. And now that we are living together in the building, we continue to engage in all elements of intentional living and community-building demands that is required of this lifestyle choice. And our developer and his wife are both residents! #couldntbehappier

Colorful Feast

Larry prepared a wonderful, healthy meal for Monday night’s community dinner, consisting of a North African vegetarian stew, roasted cauliflower & yams, beet hummus, couscous, and the legendary salad bar – a colorful feast for a colorful community!

Featured by the World Economic Forum!

Phoenix Commons is once again featured in a brief video touting the lifestyle of intentional living! #cohousing

Forum with Dr. Merriman

On August 14, Phoenix Commons hosted a community forum featuring Dr. Melanie Merriman, a visiting health care researcher and author of the personal memoir “Holding the Net: Caring for My Mother on the Tightrope of Aging.”

There are no easy answers for the dilemmas of caring for an aging, seriously ill or terminally ill loved one, but participants at this forum agreed that having open and honest conversations is an essential first step.

Phoenix Commons in The Guardian!

Phoenix Commons was featured in an article on #cohousing in The Guardian!

Planning For Fewer Family Caregivers

Instead of waiting around for robots, we’re doing what humans have naturally done for thousands of years: help take care of each other as friends and neighbors.


National Night Out 2018

Phoenix Commons residents and neighbors enjoying National Night Out on the estuary.