Party of the Year

Happy 1st Anniversary to Tim and Leslie! And happy birthday to all our Sagittarians!

Getting Greener

Investing in a clean and green future!

#cohousing #solar #gettinggreener

Interior Design for Small Dwellings

Congrats to our very own Rose for getting published!

Interior Design for Small Dwellings is now available for purchase through Rutledge.

Thanksgiving 2018

A grateful community is a peaceful and joyful community.

#Cohousing #Thanksgiving


The Silver Tsunami will transform the way we design our environments as well as our social structures.

#AgingInCommunity #Margaritaville

Urban Sunset Respite

Although we are located in the heart of the Bay Area, the tranquil waters of the estuary provide respite and magnificent sunsets after a busy day.

#Jingletown #ParkStreetBridge #UrbanLiving

Movement for Health and Longevity

As part of its mandate to help educate the community on health issues, the Wellness Team organized a trio of movement classes designed to keep us active and moving far into the future.

Insulin Resistance and Alzheimer’s

Good news: eating fresh fruit instead of sugar-laden desserts not only improves your physical health, it could help prevent cognitive impairment down the road!

Recycling Refresher Course

Wise stewardship of the Earth’s resources is a value we all share at Phoenix Commons. Thanks to our recycling gurus for the refresher course on which bin to use for hard-to-classify objects!