NYT Article on Community and Consensus

I know all of my neighbors. If I need to borrow some eggs, I know which houses I can go to where they’ll probably have eggs. If they’re not home, there is a good chance I’ll have a key to their house. It’s really reminiscent of old-fashioned neighborhoods.

Visiting Tasman Ecovillage

Our member Susan stayed a couple of nights at Tasman Ecovillage during her Sierra Club hiking trip to Australia. It’s exciting to experience intentional community living as a global phenomenon!

Planning Together for the Future

Although we realize that dementia is no laughing matter, we laughingly fantasize about the chaos we’d have if all of us exhibited symptoms of dementia at the same time in our future! Early preparation would certainly help.

Incident Command System for Disasters

Another training session on the ICS (Incident Command System). In case of emergency, we’ll be able to take care of ourselves and even serve as a helpful resource for the whole neighborhood!

Phoenix Forum: Literally Unbelievable

Bronwyn Harris presented her book “Literally Unbelievable” to Phoenix Commons members and guests by telling some of her heartbreaking and heartwarming experiences as an elementary school teacher in Oakland. She is on a mission to reform school funding in California.

Super Blue Blood Moon

Twelve hardy souls got up at 5am to meet on Diana’s west-facing patio to witness the Super Blue Blood Moon! We don’t waste any excuse to have fun!

Radcliffe Choral Society

We were happy to host six young ladies of the Radcliffe Choral Society for two nights on their 2018 Bay Area Tour! @radcliffechoralsociety

How Friendships Change As Adults

No surprise here: online friendships are no substitute for real, in-the-flesh interaction with local friends with whom you can share good times and emotional support!


Mammoths and Pirate Ships

We love living in a funky artist neighborhood! #JingleTown

No Such Thing As ‘Old Age’

Age is just a number (that we choose to ignore!). With good health and a good support network, we can remain happy and independent for far longer than previous generations did!