Jyoti’s Trip To Thailand

Phoenix Commons resident Jyoti began her tour of Southeast Asia with a splashdown into the Songkran festival celebrating the Thai New Year in Bangkok. The holiday is known for its water festival, during which major streets are closed to traffic and used as arenas for water fights. Celebrants, young and old, participate in this tradition by splashing water on each other.

Welcome to New Neighbors!

Move-in day! Welcome to our new neighbors Paul and Jonathan!

Weather Story in 3 Acts

Phoenix Commons weather: a story in 3 acts from this morning. We started the day with a brief but dramatic hail storm, followed by a short pause with brooding clouds before a drenching rain. And thunder!

Now? Just another beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Planning Care in Later Years Without Kids

Some of our members see cohousing as a solution to the problem of aging alone.

#cohousing #IndependenceThroughInterdependence

Late-night Fire Alarm

Late-night fire alarms are always more fun when you have four-legged furballs and friendly firefighters!





Bisnow Article on Cohousing

Phoenix Commons is featured in Bisnow Bay Area’s article on living in intentional community!



Reimagine End of Life

Reimagine End of Life is a busy week (Apr 16-22) that will be asking the big questions about life and death, with dozens of events planned in Oakland, SF and beyond. Folks from Phoenix Commons will be going to some of these events, so if you recognize any of us, don’t be shy and come introduce yourself!


Easter Surprise

The Easter Bunny left some delightful surprises at everyone’s door this morning! #cohousingfun