Why I Chose Phoenix Commons: Angela H.

In an effort to share the stories of our community’s members, we’ll be posting a weekly series highlighting a particular member and why they chose Phoenix Commons, in their own words. First up, Angela:

My wife Kate and I had the joy of caring for her mother at an assisted living facility near us. Consequently we had many lessons on how not to age and realized quickly that our present house was not accessible and too small to accommodate our future needs as we age. We realized the core ingredient we wanted was to live in a community. I had lived communally for 11 years with a small Benedictine group.

We researched and visited cohousing communities throughout California and Colorado. Phoenix Commons, with its accessible location, proved to fit our needs as we are still working in the Bay Area. After a day with our clients, we want to come home to shared meals with our community. We are so excited to overlap our present social life with the folks in our new community.

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