We Don’t Sit Still

What do Phoenix Commons people do on Saturdays? One member is getting ready to bike to yoga class. Several members are enjoying “art camp” with their sewing, quilting, painting and crafting projects. Other members are busy in the kitchen preparing Saturday brunch for the community. We don’t often sit still.

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Plan Now For Affordable Care Later

The sooner you start planning for the future, the greater your chances of remaining happy and independent through your golden years!

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Live Longer, Stay Younger

“We’re talking about rethinking, redefining one-third of adult life! The greatest achievement in the history of humankind — and all we can is that it’s going to make Medicare go broke? Why don’t we take that one-third and create new stories, new rituals, new mythologies for people as they age?”


Borrowing Strengthens Society

The amount of social capital being created and exchanged is a great barometer of a community’s health! Examples of items recently shared by neighbors at Phoenix Commons include: umbrellas, batteries, books, dogs, movies, kitchen gadgets, sweatshirts, rides, and yes, even the occasional cup of sugar!

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The Fountain of Cognitive Youth

Phoenix Commons has a small room on the 4th floor where members can practice meditation, prayer, reflection, etc. All are welcome to group meditation on Sunday and Wednesday evenings at 7pm!


First Saturday Brunch

Our first Saturday brunch was a huge success. Great company and wonderful food.

Game Night: Never a Lame Night

Game night is always more fun when you know each other!


Elixir For Aging

Supportive friendly neighbors right outside your door? Check.

Sharing of resources, knowledge, and responsibilities? Check.

All the community you want with all the privacy you need? Check.

For aging boomers who understand that personal independence can be maximized through social interdependence, senior cohousing communities are an extremely attractive option.

Spring Brunch 2019

Phoenix Commons celebrated Spring with a delicious potluck on our outdoor patio. As usual, the yummy food, the delightful company, the fresh flowers and the perfect weather provided for another exciting event.

Cohousing Does Not Equal Commune

Join us for a dinner or party in our common areas and you’ll quickly realize that cohousing is NOT just for hippies!

PS. But hippies are welcome here too — we are just a few miles away from Berkeley after all!

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