Election Watch Party

Like millions of other families, households and communities across America, we too were anxiously awaiting the results of the election together! And, believe it or not, we are still counting ballots here in California — six days later!


Welcome Ellen and Nadine!

New members Ellen and Nadine were welcomed by their 4th floor neighbors with a sunlit afternoon picnic.


Getting Out the Vote

Some of us devoted a few hours on a Saturday afternoon to write letters to traditionally disenfranchised voters in tight congressional districts urging them to please go out and vote on Election Day! We mailed 350 letters!




Neighborhood Cleanup

Neighborhood cleanup is fun when you have fun neighbors! We are very grateful to live in a connected and caring neighborhood like #Jingletown

Halloween 2018 @ Phoenix Commons

Halloween 2018 @ Phoenix Commons was epic! The photos speak for themselves! Jonathan and Julie outdid themselves!

Sunset Cruise 2018

Our annual Sunset Cruise on the Bay was a smashing success yet again!

Supporting Democracy

We were happy to welcome the League of Women Voters to Phoenix Commons for an educational presentation on all of the propositions and initiatives on our ballots so that we can do all we can to preserve democracy and promote the common good!


Estuary Sunrise

Our own KP caught this gorgeous sunrise photo on the estuary. Breathtaking.

Once You Go Coho…

#Cohousing is simply a modern form of an ancient tradition: humans living together in tight-knit communities of trust and sharing.


A Cohousing Moment

A true #cohousing experience:

7:23pm – Kate sends email asking if anyone has 2 AA batteries

7:46pm – 3 neighbors have already knocked on Kate’s door with batteries in hand

(Just one example of many such moments!)