The Silver Tsunami will transform the way we design our environments as well as our social structures.

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Once You Go Coho…

#Cohousing is simply a modern form of an ancient tradition: humans living together in tight-knit communities of trust and sharing.

Developer-Assisted Cohousing

We respect Chuck and everything he’s done for the cohousing movement, but his way is not the only way. We at Phoenix Commons are a cohousing community with 34 members (and growing!) that was developer assisted — we like this term better than “cohousing lite.”

The assistance was beneficial and saved years of planning in the context of the challenging real estate environment of the San Francisco Bay Area. Long before we broke ground, community members were working to form the community and all that that process entails, including many interior design elements. And now that we are living together in the building, we continue to engage in all elements of intentional living and community-building demands that is required of this lifestyle choice. And our developer and his wife are both residents! #couldntbehappier

Phoenix Commons in The Guardian!

Phoenix Commons was featured in an article on #cohousing in The Guardian!

Phoenix Commons in the News

We were mentioned in Curbed SF!

A cohousing development for seniors on Oakland’s waterfront called Phoenix Commons has been compared to a ‘dorm for grownups.’


Phoenix Commons in the News!

We were featured in the East Bay Times!

The vibrant lifestyle you find at Phoenix Commons, a 41-unit senior housing community on Oakland’s waterfront, looks a lot more like an episode of “Friends” than the “The Golden Girls.”

Eco-Friendly Cohousing

Count Phoenix Commons among those Senior Cohousing communities with an eye towards helping to save the planet.

Pioneering the Wellderly Generation

At Phoenix Commons we are helping to pioneer the “Wellderly” generation!

Planning Care in Later Years Without Kids

Some of our members see cohousing as a solution to the problem of aging alone.

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