Hosting the City Council Rep

Oakland City Council member Noel Gallo, District 5, recently met with residents of the Jingletown neighborhood in a forum at Phoenix Commons. Participants, including Phoenix Commons members, shared concerns about garbage left on our neighborhood streets, transit and parking developments for the neighborhood and the city’s plans to develop housing for the homeless. We hope this can turn into a regular encounter with our City Council representative, who listened patiently and provided insight into how citizens can help government work more effectively.

Night of Remembrance

On a quiet November evening – Dia de Los Muertos – ten of us gathered in the Community Room. Some brought photos and sunflowers; all of us had rummaged through our memories to find the most precious stories of our loved ones. We told each other our stories of family members and friends and then lit a candle. It was a very intimate moment where we dabbed eyes, recollected and connected threads of our lives with each other.

Solving Problems in Cohousing

Check out this great Rewire article with video exploring how cohousing communities learn to collaborate on important decisions affecting the entire community:

But close quarters and collaborative decisions also mean conflict. […] At Monterey Cohousing Community in Minnesota, they use a process called “fist to five” for casting votes, Fox said. When a decision is proposed, members raise their hands to show support or dissent: Fist is no; five is total support; one to four fingers means tepid support. Right now, Monterey is working through a conflict surrounding pets.

Peaceful Sunday Morning

Sunday morning on the estuary at Phoenix Commons. A peaceful start to a beautiful day.

Disaster Preparedness

In our first disaster preparedness talk, we went over the incident command system (ICS), which is used to interface with all local, state, and federal agencies during crisis management.

#cohousing #StrongerTogether

Emphasize the Positives of Aging

Judith Graham discusses how to advance the positives of aging and overcome “negative stereotypes that portray older adults as out-of-touch, useless, feeble, incompetent, pitiful, and irrelevant.” The National Academies of Sciences recommends becoming more aware of one’s implicit biases, replacing negative stereotypes and emphasizing the positive.

Learning To Advance The Positives Of Aging

Myers-Briggs for Community Building

At our recent community retreat, we used Myers-Briggs personality types to explore the interpersonal dynamics of our group.

The four traits are:

E (Extroversion) – I (Introversion)

S (Sensing) – N (Intuition)

T (Thinking) – F (Feeling)

J (Judging) – P (Perceiving)

If you’d like to guess the collective personality type of our community, visit our Facebook page!

Co-Creating at Art Camp

Enjoying a light lunch before Art Camp, a monthly event for us to get together and work on various creative projects together in our sunlit community dining room. All media and skill levels welcome!

Not Just Another Condo

Legally speaking, we are a condo association with monthly board meetings in which every member is a director.

In practice, we are a community of diverse but like-minded individuals who care for one another and solve problems by consensus.


2017 SF Bay Sunset Cruise

On a balmy end-of-the-summer evening, we embarked on our annual Sunset Cruise on the San Francisco Bay. Viewing the evening lights on the Golden Gate Bridge was just magical; sailing under it, mesmerizingly beautiful. And as always, the camaraderie came with a tantalizing spread of good food and drinks!