Urban Sunset Respite

Although we are located in the heart of the Bay Area, the tranquil waters of the estuary provide respite and magnificent sunsets after a busy day.

#Jingletown #ParkStreetBridge #UrbanLiving

Movement for Health and Longevity

As part of its mandate to help educate the community on health issues, the Wellness Team organized a trio of movement classes designed to keep us active and moving far into the future.

Insulin Resistance and Alzheimer’s

Good news: eating fresh fruit instead of sugar-laden desserts not only improves your physical health, it could help prevent cognitive impairment down the road!


Recycling Refresher Course

Wise stewardship of the Earth’s resources is a value we all share at Phoenix Commons. Thanks to our recycling gurus for the refresher course on which bin to use for hard-to-classify objects!

Election Watch Party

Like millions of other families, households and communities across America, we too were anxiously awaiting the results of the election together! And, believe it or not, we are still counting ballots here in California — six days later!


Welcome Ellen and Nadine!

New members Ellen and Nadine were welcomed by their 4th floor neighbors with a sunlit afternoon picnic.


Getting Out the Vote

Some of us devoted a few hours on a Saturday afternoon to write letters to traditionally disenfranchised voters in tight congressional districts urging them to please go out and vote on Election Day! We mailed 350 letters!




Neighborhood Cleanup

Neighborhood cleanup is fun when you have fun neighbors! We are very grateful to live in a connected and caring neighborhood like #Jingletown

Halloween 2018 @ Phoenix Commons

Halloween 2018 @ Phoenix Commons was epic! The photos speak for themselves! Jonathan and Julie outdid themselves!

Sunset Cruise 2018

Our annual Sunset Cruise on the Bay was a smashing success yet again!