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Construction Update: December 2, 2015

A special delivery arrived at Phoenix Commons this past week: the community hot tub! (Pic. 1) A jumbo crane was needed (Pic. 2) to lift the tub from the street and drop it into the interior atrium. With the high-tech tub now in place, our members can look forward to relaxing in the open air […]

Construction Update: November 12, 2015

With so much of the building complete, crews are turning more of their attention to the outside areas such as the waterfront patio (Pic. 1). Outside living is a big part of the California experience, and the ample outdoor spaces at Phoenix Commons will allow its residents to enjoy the temperate Bay Area climate (Pic. […]

Construction Update: October 29, 2015

Just a stone’s throw from the estuary, workers are putting finishing touches on the 2nd floor patio of Phoenix Commons (Pic. 1). Meanwhile, on the street side, windows and doors to the bicycle storage and workshop room have been installed (Pic. 2). New curbs on the frontage road lead to the main entrance of Phoenix […]

Construction Update: October 19, 2015

The construction trailer has been removed from the waterfront, opening up fantastic views of Phoenix Commons from the Oakland-Alameda Estuary (Pic. 1). The western face of the building, seen here from the Park Street Bridge (Pic. 2), will bask in the sunlight from late morning until dusk. The south-facing wing boasts impressive views of its […]

Construction Update: October 7, 2015

The scaffolding has been dismantled at Phoenix Commons, and its magnificent presence greets all travelers over the Park Street Bridge (Pic. 1). The dramatic cathedral ceilings highlight the waterfront facade (Pic. 2). The tranquil waters of the estuary provide an intriguing contrast to the bustling urban life all around (Pic. 3). For more photos, follow […]

Construction Update: September 24, 2015

As the scaffolding is gradually peeled away, the simple elegance of the building’s contemporary design really shines through (Pic. 1). Solar panels on the roof capture the sun’s clean, renewable energy to heat the community’s water (Pic. 2). With its distinctive style, Phoenix Commons will provide a safe and beautiful environment for its residents to […]

Construction Update: September 11, 2015

The south-facing exterior of Phoenix Commons is virtually finished! There are just a few balcony railings still needing to be installed (Pic. 1). The shiny black coating on the main podium level will provide waterproofing for those wet (we hope!) winter months (Pic. 2). Meanwhile, work is progressing on the interior of all the condo […]

Meet Your Future Neighbors!

What does it mean to live in community? What would that feel like in this next phase of your life? Curious about what kind of people are attracted to senior cohousing? If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, come meet the members of Phoenix Commons at our weekly informational sessions on Thursdays […]

Construction Update: August 25, 2015

With the scaffolding starting to come down at the Phoenix Commons construction site, more of the exterior finish is now visible (Pic. 1). Shared patios at the end of each floor provide breathtaking views of the Oakland hills (Pic. 2). Pedestrians (and vehicles!) crossing the Park Street Bridge into Oakland will be greeted by the […]

Construction Update: August 10, 2015

The clouds are no longer a threat, now that the roof is completely finished (Pic. 1). The inner courtyard radiates good vibes in the warm afternoon sunlight (Pic. 2). Our focus is on cabinetry, now that the sheetrock process is mostly completed (Pic. 3). For more photos, follow us on Facebook and Google+!