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A Cohousing Moment

A true #cohousing experience: 7:23pm – Kate sends email asking if anyone has 2 AA batteries 7:46pm – 3 neighbors have already knocked on Kate’s door with batteries in hand (Just one example of many such moments!)

Colorful Feast

Larry prepared a wonderful, healthy meal for Monday night’s community dinner, consisting of a North African vegetarian stew, roasted cauliflower & yams, beet hummus, couscous, and the legendary salad bar – a colorful feast for a colorful community!

Forum with Dr. Merriman

On August 14, Phoenix Commons hosted a community forum featuring Dr. Melanie Merriman, a visiting health care researcher and author of the personal memoir “Holding the Net: Caring for My Mother on the Tightrope of Aging.” There are no easy answers for the dilemmas of caring for an aging, seriously ill or terminally ill loved […]